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Fashion Blogger Leah Selakovic Featured On Phat Guru - Yahoo Finance

Combining her love for her children with her passion for writing, she has created a series of children's books. All of her 20 books, six of which are to be published soon, feature a little boy who tells stories about his favorite topics, which include planes, knights and dinosaurs. Trips to runway and art shows aside, Leah works primarily from her home on the island nation of Singapore where she has earned a reputation as a local fashion maven. Holder of a Master's degree in Art and Classical History, Leah Selakovic frequently uses her online platform to support women in the arts by providing them with useful information such as how to get art scholarships to fund their education or by featuring their work on her blog.Last month, Leah's blog featured emerging artist Audrey Kawasaki, whose paintings make natural elements stand out in a beautiful and expressive way, increasing her publicity enormously. A renowned name in Singapore and the global fashion industry, Leah Selakovic is a blogger with a flair for art in all forms. A dedicated supporter of female artists, she is a major contributor at fundraisers and charities such as The Kevin Spacey Foundation and Dress for Success. Along with her husband David, the couple has been supporting new talent and young professionals for many years.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fashion-blogger-leah-selakovic-featured-224600000.html

Sheer and fluid at Vionnet Spring/Summer 2015 - Yahoo News

A deal was reached at an auction on Tuesday that final inventory, furniture, fixtures and equipment will be sold with liquidators Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners. The liquidators will pay 82 percent of the cost of inventory, down from the 98.25 percent that was originally offered. The lower percentage means an almost $7 million loss for creditors. Read More Stop blaming store size for weak results The arrangement with the liquidators is projected to pay off PNC Bank and cover rent costs for the month of December, a debt estimated at $3.3 million. Deb is postponing the sale of intellectual property and has decided to take more time to sell its leases.
Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102318880?__source=yahoonews&par=yahoonews

Teen fashion retailers are going out of style

. Fashion house Vionnet, currently undergoing a revival at the hands of owner and creative director Goga Ashkenazi, released its latest campaign, a dreamy black and white affair. Captured by photographer Dylan Don, Vionnet's latest advertising images show 26-year-old Finnish model Suvi Koponen wearing the brand's new Spring/Summer collection. Shot on a sand dune set, the model was shot in black and white, carrying the handbags with backpack straps, gladiator-style sandals (with pom-pom toe details) and minimalist silk shirting. Hair was taken care of by Beppe d'Elia with make-up duties carried out by Augusto Picerni. Don returns for a second season with Vionnet; he has also previously shot campaigns for Joop and Phillip Plein. Meanwhile Koponen is swift becoming a regular fashion A-lister, having bagged the ready-to-wear adverts for Etro, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo last season, as well as a fragrance campaign for Chloe's eau de parfum scent. Fashion
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/sheer-fluid-vionnet-spring-summer-2015-173858305.html

Made in Britain: U.K. factories are back in fashion - Jan. 6, 2015

But the highest premiums can be found in Qatar and China. Consumers there are willing to pay up to 7% more for products from the land of the Royal family and James Bond. Demand for British-made goods isn't limited to the export market. Related: Why Wall Street is hot for Victoria Secret Lingerie and sleepwear maker Headen & Quarmby brought all production back to England from Asia to gain greater control and proximity to its U.K. customers. Sock maker Roy Lowe & Sons has also pulled some of its production back to Britain to get its wares in stores faster.
Source: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/06/luxury/uk-factories-fashion/index.html?section=money_latest

Icelandic Fashion Label Names Game of Thrones' "The Mountain" as New Face of Fragrance - Yahoo Finance

Sigrun Lilja continued to explain that the concept behind Vatnajokull was to unleash the inner-fire of the wearer -- steampunk fashion to represent prowess and courage. Bjornsson is famous for playing Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, a fearsome warrior on the popular fantasy TV show Game of Thrones. Bjornsson is renowned for his strength, being Europe's Strongest Man, four-time winner of Iceland's Strongest Man competition, and a prolific World's Strongest Man competitor. Vatnajokull is the first eau de parfum for men by Gydja Collection, and is made using water from the Vatnajokull glacier, and every bottle comes with a piece of lava from the volcano. The promotional photos for the campaign were shot by the prestigious fashion-photographer, Iris Stefansdottir, and encapsulate the chemistry of the collaboration -- resulting in powerful and sensual imagery that reflects Vatnajokull perfectly.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/icelandic-fashion-label-names-game-143232565.html

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