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Fashion Nail Salon Download | Zdnet

Also bring the flare with a patterned approach! Bring Out The BlingWhat better way to show off your nails, than by accessorizing with beautiful jewellery. Choose from bracelets, rings, and other jewels that will sparkle when the light hit it. Its All About The SkinTo make it feel more like you, change the skin color of the hands to best suit your skin tone so it feels like you are really getting your nails done!Whats Inside Fashion Nail Salon?52 different nail colors including patterns6 choices of nail lengths5 skin tone colors6 jewellery wrist bracelets and rings20 jewelled accessories Fashion Nail Salon FeaturesCut your nails to length ready for coloring. Color your nails so they are fashionable and unique.
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2099-76177530/

Fashion companies just got caught labeling real fur ?faux??again

Fur coats are a great way to stay warm in winter and still look chic! I also love them during the winter months when I don't feel quite as skinny. They are a great way to cover up the extra turkey sandwiches I had over Thanksgiving! The winter white from Valentino and Christian Dior . Winter can often feel very depressing and heavy, and winter whites are a fabulously elegant way to be feminine and fresh during the darker months. Lastly, watercolor prints.Every year we try to reinvent florals and I love this very arty, painterly version like we saw at Burberry Prorsum .
Source: http://www.stylebistro.com/StyleBistro+Q+A/articles/XgTugccgOSW/Fashion+Secrets+Celebrity+Stylists+Anita+Patrickson

Fashion Secrets from Celebrity Stylists: Anita Patrickson - StyleBistro Q&A - StyleBistro

Now it's a conversation piece. Vest: Gifted. I was always a tomboy growing up, but I came from a conservative family so I wasn't allowed to dress that way. Now I don't give a fuck! This was the first vest I ever received from my best friend. As soon as I put on the vest and tie it just felt like it totally fit my personality. Pants: Thrifted. I prefer men's pants because the pockets on women's pants are all wonky. Men's pants just feel more appropriate for my personality. Leather cuff: Cuffs by Blue at Comfest.
Source: http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2014/12/25/fashion-what-are-you-wearing-sarah-cooperider.html

PEOPLE and TLC Gives Women Fashion Makeovers on New Body, New Style : People.com

Three coats, a sweater, and a pair of bootsadvertised as faux by brands including Michael Michael Kors, Jacadi, and Nordstrom Rackall turned out to be real fur. Naturally, finger-pointing ensued, with retailers blaming brands and brands blaming suppliers, calling attention to opaque and convoluted supply chains. Indeed, the mislabeling happenedat different stages of production and selling. In the case of a fur-collaredcoatby Michael Kors diffusion line, Michael Michael Kors, the materialwas correctly labeled on the coatitself, but falsely identified as faux on the stores websitea clerical error, according to a spokesperson from Belk. (It was coyote fur.) Nordstrom acknowledged a similar error; Spokesperson Tara Darrow told Quartzthat a copywriter for the companys Haute Look website was at fault for themisidentified sweater featured on NBC.
Source: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/fashion-companies-just-got-caught-labeling-real-fur-%e2%80%9cfaux%e2%80%9d%e2%80%94again/ar-BBh8Qu4?srcref=rss

Fashion: What are you wearing, Sarah Cooperider? | Columbus Alive

after getting serious about diet and exercise. That's why PEOPLE and TLC teamed up to give Goetke a fashion makeover for the special New Body, New Style, which airs on Jan. 2. With the help of PEOPLE's Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal and show host Mary Alice Stephenson, Goetke was treated to a day of pampering and expert styling. It was all a dream come true for Goetke, who once tipped the scales at 328 lbs. but now, at 154 lbs., has become so masterful at creating healthy recipes that she posts them on Instagram to share with her 2,600 followers. "The shoot was an incredible experience, and my style was captured perfectly," she says. (visit site)
Source: http://www.people.com/article/people-tlc-new-body-new-style-weight-loss-fashion?xid=rss-topheadlines

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